2015: Church of Betty Swirled World  & Chris Rael 365

Church of Betty's new CD Swirled World  is out now! 

swirled cover 

Art: Pablo Tauler


Chris Rael 365  is one of the most eclectic and comprehensive song posting projects ever undertaken. Subscribers to 365  receive 1 free Chris song a day for the entire year of 2015. Decades of albums, live concerts, radio appearances & unheard gems from the vaults of bands from Church of Betty to The Hand to collaborations with artists from the famous to the compellingly obscure arrive daily in an always-surprising variety of styles. Hear cutting-edge rock, world pop orchestra, award-winning theatre & film music, Indian classical & folk legends, progressive dance tracks, spoken word, sound collage, Beat poets & mad experimentation. Oasis, David Byrne, Annabella Lwin, Curt Smith, Penny Arcade, Jayne County, Najma, Stew, Shara Worden, White Magic, Elliott Sharp, Samir Chatterjee, Steve Gorn, Ira Cohen & dozens of other tantalizing artists appear throughout the year. Listeners are enjoying Chris's daily notes to son Sasha putting the daily song into context. It's easy to hear 365 ; simply LIKE US on Facebook or SUBSCRIBE to Chris's Youtube channel.

CLICK HERE to see Endure, the first Swirled World  music video by brilliant video artist Jasmine Hirst!


Video still: Jasmine Hirst

CLICK HERE to see Brooklyn Soul, Chris's Swirled World video celebrating the eclectic borough of Brooklyn.

bkln soul vid

Video still: Jasmine Hirst

Church of Betty 2015: Chris Cochrane, Chris Rael, Marlon Cherry, Pinky Weitzman, Brian Geltner, Rima Fand & Claire de Brunner

swirled band2

Photo: Jasmine Hirst

The Swirled World  CD release concert was a double bill at The Living Room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on March 14 with the great Irish guitar pop band Pugwash. What a night it was… we'll do it again on September 12! (see calendar for details)

swirled concert

Photo: Raul Romero


Photo: Chris Rael


  • Leader of the innovative world pop band Church of Betty
  • Founder of legendary indie music label Fang Records
  • An award-winning film & theatre composer
  • A budding author & film maker
  • Producer of hundreds of concerts, art events, recordings & broadcasts
  • A tireless presenter & promoter of independent art in New York

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