Marty Matz "A Sky of Fractured Feathers" - download

Marty Matz

2001, Fang Records: Poet Marty Matz was a contemporary of the Beats, an ecstatic psychedelic poet with exceptional feeling for reading to music. He may very well have been a household name if he hadn't ended up in a Mexican jail for a number of years for criminal drug activity. Marty traveled the world and lived as an expatriate. He returned to his native New York near the end of his life, where he befriended Rael and Deep Singh. The trio shared strikingly resonant musical chemistry. Rael composed music specifically for each poem recited; this album is not jamming while someone reads. Rael and Singh played virtually every instrument in their arsenal, the instrumentation shifting in every song. Recorded at home on simple equipment. DOWNLOAD HERE