"Thirsty Ears: Fang Records Bands Live at the Knitting Factory" - CD

Thirsty Ears

1991, Fang Records: Chris organized a series of concerts at the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street, recorded the results and assembled this compilation album of devastating Downtown talents: 101 Crustaceans, Oren Bloedow (very early in his solo performing career), the Mommyheads (post-Jan Kotik), legendary Brown University post-prog rockers Dolores, Church of Betty (with Michael Holt and Claire de Brunner), the original Very Pleasant Neighbor, brilliant off-beat composer Brian Woodbury, and Goulash, a trio consisting of Rael with Rude Buddha's Jenny Wade and Dan Fisherman. Off the market for many years, this is a very rare collector's item. Only a handful remain in existence (contact to inquire). Cover by Gideon Kendall.